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The ancient Percheron Horse gets its name from the province in France of La Perche, southwest of Paris. The people of La Perche have always bred these horses and they are an intricate part of their lives. Although the poodle didn’t originate in France, it was standardized as a distinct breed there. During the reign […]

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Throughout English literature, you can see that British have a love for their pets. Kings and queens can be seen enjoying them in paintings from the Middle Ages. Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603) of Britain is said to have kept a guinea pig as a pet. Queen Victoria was an avid pet lover. She popularized the […]

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Dog sledding has been a popular activity in Canada for thousands of years. Around 1,000 A.D., the Thule Inuit migrated to Artic Canada from what is now Alaska bringing with them the first Canadian Eskimo dogs. The Inuit used dog sledding for transportation: to trade, hunt, fish, and monitor trap lines. Life in northern Canada […]

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Brazil is home to 60% of the Amazon rainforest and has the greatest biodiversity of any country on the planet. It has the most species of freshwater fish (3000) and mammals (over 520). It also has 1622 bird species and 468 reptile species. Brazil is second only to Indonesia as the country with the most […]

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Anthropomorphism of the Family Pet

Anthropomorphism is the humanization of the non-human, and more people are treating their pets as part of the family. The pet industry is growing in leaps and bounds, the number of pet-owning Americans continues to rise and the number of vets is on the rise too. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, today’s pet […]