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Keep Your Bird Happy – Tips for Proper Bird Care

Those of us who share our homes with birds understand how highly intelligent they are. Scientists have proven that the emotions of a bird are at least as complex as those of a 3 year old child. It’s up to us to see that we meet all their needs and to keep them physically and […]

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Shredding behavior in Birds

Shredding is a natural behavior in birds. Wild birds shred and tear material searching for food and to build nests. Birds seem to shred even more during breeding season when an increase in hormones is present. Lots of bird toys encourage this normal behavior. While it may mean that your bird will destroy a toy […]

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Beans for Birds

Beans are a great treat for birds. Besides adding needed vegetable protein to your bird’s diet, they supply antioxidants which protect and help them fight off environmental hazards. Beans also contain soluble and non-soluble fiber which help keep the digestive system healthy. Fiber works in two ways – the absorption of nutrients and the quick […]

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Cleaning Bird Cages

Tips for cleaning your bird cages: Remove the bird from the cage and place the in a safe place; keep away from doors and windows. Remove all the accessories from the bird cages and keep the cage empty. Check for separable buttons, if you have any such settings remove the leftover with an opening in […]

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Should Your Bird Live Cage-Free

Many people feel that because birds in the wild fly free, they should not be caged at home. While in theory it sounds great, it is really not practical or safe for your bird. Of course our pet birds do have cage-free time when we are able to supervise them. But left alone to their […]

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Danger of Sleeping With Your Bird

Most of us who share our lives with animals enjoy snuggling up with them for a nap or night’s sleep. Some pets are large enough to take up more than half the bed when they stretch out. Others are a lot smaller and barely make a dent in the covers. Your bird can be so […]

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Travel with Your Bird

We written an article about vacationing with your bird, but people actually travel all year long whether it’s for vacation, visits or extended business trips. We hope these tips make travel with your bird easier and more enjoyable. When planning a trip check beforehand if your accommodations allow birds. If you’re staying with friends or […]

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When Your Bird Screams

Are you inadvertently reinforcing your bird’s screaming? With our busy lives, we sometimes look for easy solutions to problems, solutions that could exacerbate the problem. My daughter’s Sun Conure, Shemesh, has learned that if he screams (and he’s very loud), he’ll get the attention and treats that he wants. Taking the path of least resistance, […]

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Training a Bird with a Sad Past

Sometimes, birds purchased from a pet shop situation or birds from an unpleasant or abusive home need that extra TLC. They come with scars, big and small, that are not visible. It’s up to you to try to teach your bird to trust again. The two most important training qualities you can give your bird […]

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Choosing a Proper Birdcage

These days you can pick and choose from a large variety of birdcages. You can even match the color of the cage to your decor. Here are some tips to help you find the proper cage for your bird. When purchasing a cage, you must consider the size of your bird. He should be able […]