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Red-eared Slider Turtle

The Red-eared Slider Turtle is a member of the Emydidae. The three subspecies include the Red-eared Slider, the yellow-bellied slider (Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia)and the Cumberland slider (Tennessee). The Red-eared Slider is native to the Mississippi from Louisiana north to South Michigan and west through Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. This slider has a broad red stripe […]

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Starfish make attractive additions to any aquarium. They are really not fish, but called echinoderms and are often referred to as “sea stars.” Their unique shape of 5 arms form the star. The average size of a starfish is 5-8 inches from head to star point. Life span is 5-10 years. Colors can be pink, […]

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Shrimp are small aquatic creatures. They need a gallon tank. Do not put them with fish that are carnivores. The Ghost Shrimp may live up to a year. They eat the same thing fish eat and clean the tank like snails. Shrimp might be hard to find when you want to look at them. They […]

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Australian Green Tree Frog

The Australian Green Tree Frog, also known as the Green Tree Frog, White’s Tree Frog or Dumpy Tree Frog is native to Australia and New Guinea. It has been introduced to New Zealand and the U.S. The Green Tree Frog can grow to 4 inches or more long, larger than most Australian frogs. Lifespan in […]

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Fire Belly Toad

The Fire Belly Toad is native to southern and southeastern Asia. They make good pets for beginners. Fire Belly Toads are about 2 inches long. Lifespan is about 10-15 years. Most have green and black backs, but there are some that are brown. They were given the name Fire Belly because of the vivid orange […]

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The word axolotl (pronounced ´axe-ah-lot-l´) is derived from a Nahuatl word (the language spoken by the Aztecs) that has been variously translated as ´servant of the water´, ´water-dog´ and ´water-doll´, among other things. These creatures are a species of salamander. Unlike the salamander, axolotls retain some larval characteristics throughout their entire lives, including the gills, […]

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The Matamata turtle can be found in streams of rain forests, primarily in the Amazon and Orinoco basins of South America. The shallow streams are covered with leaves and twigs, helping to camouflage the turtle. Size of the Matamata is up to 18 inches long and 35 lbs. Care should be taken when handling the […]