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Why Are Tropical Birds So Colorful?

Tropical birds are so popular as pets because of their beautiful colorful plumage. Why do they have such colorful feathers? There are actually a few reasons. Colors help male birds attract females As they are unable to buy chocolate or jewelry, male birds attract the females with colors. Which in many ways turns the question […]

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Birds migrate in order to avoid the physiological stress of cold weather and to take advantage of distant food resources. Some species migrate a few kilometers while others will travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers. Bad weather systems, predators, and habitat destruction prevent as many as half of migrating birds surviving to their destination. The […]

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Birdwatching (or birding) is the activity of watching wild birds in their natural habitat. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service survey reveals that 51.3 million Americans watch birds. It can be done in your backyard, a park or a nature reserve. It is a great way to connect with nature and can be done with […]

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The Cost of Having a Bird

The cost of the bird itself can be a small expense or the biggest one depending on your choice of species. A parakeet can be about $20 while a Macaw can be thousands of dollars. The initial cost of equipment also varies greatly with the size of the bird you choose. Cages can be as […]

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Your First Bird

You’ve done your research and decided a bird is the pet for you. And you have your heart set on a particular bird, but are unsure about it as a first-time bird owner. Remember that all birds are intelligent creatures that require care and love. How much room do you have for a cage and […]

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Bird Behavior

Birds are lots of fun to watch. Their performances are entertaining and can keep us smiling for many hours. However sometimes their antics can cause problems. Here is a list of articles about Bird Behavior that we hope will help with issues you may have. Are You Ready For A Parrot Birds That Bite Can […]

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Bird Care

Birds give us so much pleasure, brightening our days. Owning a bird means a commitment dto their care for many years. Here is a list of articles on bird care that we hope can help you. Beans for Birds Bird Bathing Bird Education Bird Products Bird food Birds Molting Their Feathers Care and Feeding of […]

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Choosing a Parakeet

Parakeets are also known as Budgerigars (Budgies) in their native Australia. Parakeets are lively, friendly birds that can live about 13 years with proper care. Choosing a parakeet requires some observation. Watch the birds in the cage. You can tell which ones are more active, less timid and even try to perform for you. If […]

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Do Birds Make Good Pets?

Birds make excellent pets, especially for people whose lifestyle precludes owning dogs or cats. If your living situation makes it difficult to walk a dog and you’re looking for a companionable pet, consider a bird. Birds are great companions and many of them can be taught to talk. Birds are highly intelligent and learn quickly. […]