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A Cool Summer for Ferrets

Ferrets are members of the weasel family (mustelids), a family of mammals that also includes badgers, martens, otters, polecats, minks and wolverines. Ferrets are extremely sensitive to the heat of summer. In the wild they are nocturnal animals and are adapted to cooler climates with temperatures not getting above 60-70 degrees. When temperatures are over […]

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What Makes an Animal a Pet

How would you define the word “pet?” Which animals are considered pets and which are not? When we say the word pet, we are usually thinking about animals such as dogs, cats, birds and guinea pigs. But there are some countries where dogs and cats are considered food and there are people who raise chickens, […]

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Choosing a Vet for Your Exotic Pet

Finding a veterinarian for your exotic pet may not be simple and is best done before adoption, so you don’t discover too late that you can’t provide your pet with adequate health care. Veterinarian schools focus on common domesticated animals so many vets aren’t trained to care for some of the more exotic pets. Your […]

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10 Most Popular Exotic Pets

Ever wondered what the most unusual pets are? Animal Planet provides us with a list of the 10 most popular exotic pets: Capybaras – The largest rodent in the world, native to South America. Stick Insects – These easy to care for animals are popular pets for children. Miniature Donkeys – These donkeys are almost […]

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Exotic Pets in History

Many famous people were pet-lovers. Most of the United States presidents kept pets (see U.S. Presidents and their Pets)) and Winston Churchill had a series of pets. Some famous historical figures have had unusual pets as companions: Ramses II (14th century BC) owned a pet lion. The lion went to battle with him and is […]

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The Exotic Pet Industry and Animal Welfare

Exotic pets have become popular in recent years and are a booming industry. Some animal welfare organizations, such as PETA, are concerned with the dangers to both animals and humans resulting from trading in exotic animals. Transport of animals may be inhumane, and many animals will not survive the trip. This is especially true when […]

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Should You Adopt an Exotic Pet?

Exotic pets are usually defined as anything other than the typical domesticated animals. Exotic pets include snakes, lizards, weasels, tropical birds, wild animals and more. If you’re thinking of adopting an exotic pet, here are some points to consider: Contents 1 Advantages of owning an exotic pet 2 Disadvantages of owning an exotic pet 3 […]