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European magpie (Pica pica)

The European magpie, also known as Pica pica, belongs to the crow family, and is widespread throughout Europe and Asia. Magpies are easily recognizable by their distinct glossy black plumage, white belly and shoulders, and its long black tail that could reach half of its total body length. Experts believe this bird to be one […]

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Bald Eagle – National U.S. Emblem

The Bald Eagle, a most majestic bird, is native to North America. Its habitat ranges in areas of rivers, lakes and seacoasts. The American Bald Eagle was removed from the Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants list of the Interior Department in June of 2007. The Bald Eagle is still protected by the Migratory Bird […]

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Where is the Lovebird from? Europeans imported the red-faced Lovebirds from Africa, their natural home, in the 19th century. They quickly became favorite pets by people worldwide. They are named Lovebirds because of their strong pair-bonding. What does the Lovebird look like? The Lovebird is about 5-6 inches long. It has a short, thick body. […]

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Quaker Parrot

While the Quaker Parrot (also known as the Monk Parrot) is a South American bird, there are large colonies in South Florida, the Midwest and the Northeast United States. Quaker Parrots bob their heads and shake, normal behavior for them and the reason for their name. Adult birds are about 12 inches long. Colors are […]

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Senegal Parrot

Senegal parrots are also known as Yellow-vented Parrots. These African parrots were very popular in the United States and Europe and were imported in great numbers until it became illegal in 1992. The Senegal’s origin is Western Africa – Senegal after which it is named and nearby countries. Their natural habitats are close to the […]

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The Caique, also known as White-Breasted, Apricot-Headed or Yellow Thigh is a parrot. Their natural living space is in South America, mainly Bolivia, Brazil and Peru. The Caiques’ habitat is subtropical or tropical lowland forests or swamps. Caique are social birds and live in pairs or groups of up to 30. This parrot reaches about […]

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Victoria Crowned Pigeons

This unusual pigeon is not the same as those we are used to seeing. Named for Queen Victoria of Great Britain, the pigeon’s coloring is blue with a maroon chest. They are tall, about 29 inches (74 cm.)and the largest living pigeon. They have a magnificent fan-shaped crest of feathers on the head, looking like […]

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Parrotlets are the smallest parrots known in the world. Some people have labeled them “Pocket Parrots”. Their closest relative is the Amazon Parrot. There are different species in the family. Pacific Parrotlet (Celestial Parrotlet or Lesson’s Parrotlet) The Pacific Parrotlet is the best known and most popular. There are about 4 3/4-5 1/2in. long. Color […]

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Pionus Parrot

There are 8 different species of Pionus Parrot, but only 5 are available as pets – Blue-Headed Parrot, Maximillian’s Parrot, White-Capped Parrot, Dusky Parrot and Bronze-Winged Parrot. They are all medium-sized birds and have similar personalities, but coloring is different. The Pionus has a gentle, sensitive nature. Take time with training as they can be […]

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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “proud as a peacock.” And they do strut about proudly displaying their magnificent tails. While we refer to them all as Peacocks, that’s what the male of the family is called. The female is a Peahen and the babies are Peachicks. Together they are referred to as Peafowl. The […]