I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “proud as a peacock.” And they do strut about proudly displaying their magnificent tails.

While we refer to them all as Peacocks, that’s what the male of the family is called. The female is a Peahen and the babies are Peachicks. Together they are referred to as Peafowl.

The Peacock’s tail has approximately 150 feathers with what appears to be an eye design on each one. Size can be from 6-13 lbs.

There are different varieties but the most well-known are the India Blue and the Java Green. The Blues are native to India and Sri Lanka, the Greens to Java and Burma.

Raise Peacocks from the chick stage and they will rarely stray far. However to ensure their safety and that they stay close to home, you may want to build a pen. It must be at least 8 feet tall or more with a peaked roof. There should be enough room for the Peacocks to fly and display their tails. The pen can be made with chicken wire, but should have a wooden roost. Be sure the pen is secure and no animals can get in. You can provide perches and some straw for bedding.

To keep mice from getting into food, dishes can be hung securely from the roof. Water dishes can be hung also to avoid droppings in them.

Peacocks eat a variety of foods including chicken pellets, grains like rice, wheat and barley, fruits and vegetables. The will also eat dog food and table scraps. No bones though as these could cause choking.

You can tame a Peachick by handling it and playing with it. Adults that have not been tamed as chicks usually remain wild. Peacocks live in flocks so it’s advisable to get more than one. Peacocks also have a very loud screech. They are best kept in rural areas. Check the ownership laws in your area.

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