Talking Mynah

Where does the Mynah come from?

The Mynah is native to Ceylon and India and have even been seen in Indonesia. In India, the Mynah is thought of as sacred. Greater Hill Mynahs and Java Hill Mynahs are the most popular of  the species as they are the best talkers.

What does the Mynah look like?

The Mynah is about 10-12 inches long. The feathers are a glossy black, appearing iridescent in the light. The beak is a bright orange fading to yellow at the tip. Legs and feet are also yellow. The Hill Mynahs have yellow markings at the nape and below the eyes. Mynahs can live more than 10 years with proper care.

What is the personality of the Mynah?

The Mynah is a very social bird and needs lots of attention from its human. If you want to train your Mynah to talk it’s best to get a young bird, 6-8 weeks old. Talk to them constantly and eventually they will start repeating what they’ve heard. Mynahs hop about and love to be out of their cages exploring everything. They will attack smaller birds, so don’t put them near each other, not even in the same room. Mynahs are not cuddly, but do want companionship. They are not happy left alone for long periods of time.

How do I care for and feed the Mynah?

Mynahs need large, wide cages as they don’t climb, but hop from place to place. The cage should be in an area where there is the most family activity but away from drafts. Mynahs are softbill birds and should do well on a low iron diet. Your pet food supplier should be able to get special Mynah food. Mynahs cannot digest seeds but they love fruits and some cooked vegetables. They can also have chicken, fish, turkey, hard boiled egg and even some cooked pasta or rice. Mynahs need lots of fresh water available at all times.


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