How do you give a dog (at-home) a spa day?

During the year, there are many occasions to celebrate. We just had August 26, 2020 – it’s America’s National Dog Day! Created in 2004 by Colleen Paige, it honors dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. It also emphasizes the importance of dog adoption and rescue services.

Below, you’ll find the best ideas to make your dog feel extra loved not only on their very special day. We hope that you’ll find it useful especially under lockdown. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Home-Made Meal

We humans put a lot of effort into making different meals each day. You probably wouldn’t mind eating the same dish for two days. However, we bet that by day three and four, you’d be pretty bored. What about your dog? Their menu likely stays the same, day in and day out. You may rotate between dry kibble and wet dog food, but still – there’s really no variety, is it? 

According to experts at, there’s nothing better than a home-made meal prepared with love. Ask your veterinarian for advice, and you’ll learn which ingredients you should incorporate into your dog’s diet, and which nutrients they need the most. Making dog meals on your own isn’t that difficult or expensive. You can find plenty of recipes online, so don’t hesitate and treat your pup with a portion of wholesome, home-made food!

Lots of Treats

You won’t be able to find a dog that doesn’t like doggie treats. You probably have some in your cupboard, and you can’t resist those begging eyes. Make sure you have enough treats on August 26!

If you want, you can go a step further and not only prepare your pup’s meal on your own but also make the treats. With the help of dog-friendly recipes that you can easily find online, you can make anything from dog cakes, pupsicles, biscuits, or even pancakes. You may end up with a surplus of treats – and that’s amazing! Be sure to carry them with you whenever you’re going out with your dog or teaching them to do a new trick. Make sure their good behavior doesn’t go unrewarded!

Lots of Gifts

Let’s not forget about your dog’s toys while we’re at it! Does your dog have their favorite toy they play with and chew all the time? What about that ball you lost in the park? For the National Dog Day, it’s time to shower your pup with gifts.

Balls, ropes, squeaky toys, chewy toys, treat balls, rubber, stuffed, or interactive toys – the market is overflowing with options. You know best which types of toys are your dog’s favorite. Consider replacing them with new ones if they’re extremely worn out. New gadgets will make your dog jump with happiness, and they’ll be more sanitary to play with. If you want, consider buying your dog a new bed. Anything for your four-legged friend, right?

Picnic, Dog Park, or Both

On a National Dog Day, you’re more than likely to encounter other proud dog parents celebrating the day with their fur babies. It’s a perfect opportunity to go out and socialize, or at least let your dog play with others. 

If there’s no such place dedicated to dogs, take your pup to a dog-friendly park and play with them there. Bring their toys, throw a ball, and don’t forget to pack all the snacks and treats. If the day is hot, don’t forget about the water for you and your dog.

Doggie Spa

A good dog parent takes care of their furbaby all year long. However, sometimes you can use extra help to make your pup look even better. A professional dog groomer can truly work wonders.

If you want, schedule an at-home appointment for your pup. They’ll be washed, clipped, brushed, preened, and they’re likely to leave with a new collar or a cute bandana. They’ll be more pampered than ever – and they totally deserve it!

Pupflix and Chill

At the end of this eventful day, take a moment to unwind and relax with your pup. Turn on a movie or listen to a podcast while laying on the couch and letting your dog snuggle to you. Don’t forget about belly rubs and ear scratches!

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t take much to make your pup happy! With these tips, you’re more than likely to make their tail wag with joy. Just get ready to give your dog an extra dose of love, care, and attention.

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