Gerbils Rodent Articles

Split-caging a Gerbil

If you have a lonely gerbil and want to find them a friend – you cannot do this without split-caging them first. This is because gerbils are extremely territorial, and to get them to accept a friend you first have to get them accustomed to the scent and markings of the other gerbil. Please see […]

Gerbils Hamster Articles

What Are the Differences Between Gerbils and Hamsters?

Gerbils and hamsters are similar animals, but there are important differences between them: Gerbils have long, fur-covered tails that end in a small tuft. Hamsters have tiny stubs for tails, naked of fur. Gerbils tend to stand on their hind legs, while hamsters avoid standing as it takes much more effort for them. Hamsters are […]

Gerbils New Pet Safety

Keep Your Gerbil Safe out of the Cage

Gerbils love to run and are very fast runners. Letting your gerbil out of the cage as often as is convenient for you satisfies this instinct. It’s very important to create a safe area where your gerbil can’t fall or escape. Choose a room that can be closed off from the rest of your home. […]