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Feeding Adopted Mustangs

If you’ve just adopted a Mustang from the Bureau of Land Management, (BLM) thank you for giving this horse a home. You must keep in mind that their eating habits are different from other domesticated horses. Living on the range until arriving at the BLM pens, Mustangs fed on wild grasses and plants. A horse’s […]

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Exercising Senior Horses

Exercise is very important for everyone, even senior horses. Senior horses need daily exercise to maintain good body form and all around good health, although they may need special attention. Know your senior’s limitations. If s/he has any physical or medical problems, check with your veterinarian as to the intensity of the exercise that is […]

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Choosing the Right Place to Stable Your Horse

The ideal place for your horse is close to home, but that’s not always possible. Here are some ideas of what to look for when stabling your horse. Cleanliness is very important to your horse’s health. Are the stable stalls cleaned out daily? Does the stable smell relatively fresh? Is is bright and airy without […]

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Boarding Your Horse

If you don’t have space to keep a horse, boarding your horse is an excellent option. Even if you have the space, you may choose to board him anyway. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of boarding a horse. Advantages of boarding When you board, you have access to more […]

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Taking in a Rescue Horse

This article will give you an overview of what to expect those first few, critical days. As horse lovers our hearts break when we see horses in need. This article will help clarify what role you can take and how best to care for your new rescue if you go that route. I have taken […]

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What do I need to keep a horse?

One of the things to consider about owning a horse is the expense – the initial outlay and the cost of feed, grooming, shelter, veterinary care and general maintenance. If that doesn’t present a problem, here is some equipment you may need. Consider if you have enough land to keep a horse or at least […]

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Grooming Your Horse

Before getting started on grooming your horse, you need to have the proper tools – a curry comb or mitt, a moderately stiff body brush, a mane and tail comb, preferably metal, a soft bristle finishing brush, a hoof pick and a clean soft cloth or sponge. You may also want to add scissors or […]

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Horse Safety

Raising a horse is a great experience but also a big responsibility. Below are some tips for keeping your horse safe and for ensuring human safety while interacting with a horse. Protecting the horses Use a lead rope and not just a halter, since the horse could become agitated by the perception of danger and […]

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Cost of Horse Ownership

There’s more expense to horse ownership than the initial purchase price of the animal. If you want to buy a horse, first research the cost of upkeep which includes many years of care. You’ll need a place to house your horse. If you have a large piece of land, some believe at least 2 acres, […]

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How Much Exercise Does a Horse Need?

Horses need daily exercise. Horses are naturally active and enjoy exercising. Exercise is one of the most important parts of horse ownership. A horse that remains in the stable much of the time will experience mobility problems. Horses that are part of a herd and have a large pasture area will move around in order […]