What do I need to keep a horse?

Horse Grooming

One of the things to consider about owning a horse is the expense – the initial outlay and the cost of feed, grooming, shelter, veterinary care and general maintenance. If that doesn’t present a problem, here is some equipment you may need.

Consider if you have enough land to keep a horse or at least a nearby stable that is clean and comfortable and roomy for your horse. Horses love to run and play and they should have a large open space to frolic in. The area should have a secure fence so that your horse doesn’t run off. Gates need to be made so your horse can’t open them.

You’ll need an enclosure, perhaps a barn and stalls where your horse can be protected from inclement weather.

You may need a horse trailer or find a place that rents them. It’s important to have a horse trailer available in case of travel or emergency.

Outdoors, horses feed on the grass in your pasture. Make sure that the grass is not harmful to horses and check regularly when reseeding is necessary. You might consider the type of grass in Kentucky where horses thrive.

Good quality hay is a basic food source for horses. The hay you purchase should be green and free of mold and dust. Open the bale and shake out the hay to avoid dust and check for mold. Concentrates should be added to the diet, grains and grain mixed with molasses, a mineral salt block and fresh water. Your horse will require different amounts of feed depending on age, size and activity. Check with your vet as to what supplements and treats can be given to your horse.

When purchasing a horse, check out the breeder to be sure he is reliable and treats his horses well. You might consider going to shelters that re-home horses. When you make your choice, spend time with the horse to become acquainted. Try riding your horse to make sure all is well.

You’ll need riding equipment for yourself including gloves, helmet, stretch pants, leggings.

Horse tack is any of the equipment a horse wears such as blankets, saddle of your choice, reins, bits, stirrups, halters, bridles, harnesses and breastplates.

For your horses stall area, barn and outside area you will need, buckets, feeders, brooms, shovels, rakes, a wheelbarrow. Stall areas need bedding such as pine flakes and pellets.

Grooming equipment includes combs, brushes, clippers, shampoo, conditioners, liniment, a host of horse care products.

The list seems endless and it probably is. You can ask your supplier what the basic needs are and gradually fill in other products.

Horses are intelligent, loving animals and are great pets if you are able to give them the care necessary.

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