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Spotted Dog Breeds – List of Dogs with Spotted Skin

There are many breeds of dogs that have spotted skin. Spots come in different sizes and shapes. They can be as small as a freckle or large patches. Here is a list of some dog breeds that can have spotted skin: American Hairless Terrier Dalmatian English Setter English Springer Spaniel Bluetick Coonhound Catahoula Hound Staffordshire […]

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U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics 2017-2018

Did you know? It appears most Americans choose to surround themselves with pets. According to the APPA , 68% of U.S. households include pets. In 2017 Americans spent 69.5$ billion on their pets. Close to 70% more than spent in 2007.  The breakdown of pet expenditures for 2017 is presented below: While more American households own […]

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Dog Drool and What It Tells Us

Dog drool usually brings to mind one word – yuk! Some breeds normally drool a lot – St. Bernards, Dogue de Bordeaux, Bloodhounds, Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Bullmastiffs, Boxers, Bulldogs. These dogs share a common bond, they have big, open lips. Their saliva settles in their cheek pouches and when they shake their heads, watch out. […]

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How Frogs Eat Their Prey

If you’ve ever watched a frog eat prey, you’ve probably noticed that they close their eyes when swallowing. Scientists x-rayed frogs as they consumed crickets to discover what happens. The x-rays showed that the frog’s eyes don’t only close as they swallow, they retract down towards the esophagus. During swallowing the eyes appear to touch […]

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Are Insects Safe for Pets to Eat

Scientists tell us that it won’t be long before we all are eating bugs, although only specific types. But our pets are not as discriminating as we are. Anything flying or crawling is fair game. For the most part bugs, such as grasshoppers, flies, earthworms, some spiders and others, offering small protein meal, will not […]

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Why Dogs Roll in Stinky Stuff

While dogs are well domesticated, they do retain certain instinctive actions passed down through their ancestors. In some cases it’s the survival instinct and in others, just because it feels good. Dogs disguise their own scent by rolling in smelly things. This ancient instinct confuses their prey when they are hunting or helps to keep […]

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Dickin Medal for Animal War Heroes

During World War II, a British woman named Maria Dickin felt that animals should be rewarded for their courage and service during wartime. Appalled at the living conditions of the poor in London’s East End, Ms. Dickin, a wealthy socialite was even more concerned for the animals living there. Conditions were even worse for the […]

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Why Your Bird Should’t Swear

Parrots and other birds that can be taught to talk usually have long lifespans. They sometimes outlive their humans and have to be re-homed. Teaching your bird foul language may seem like fun to listen to at first. But it can turn out to be very embarrassing as you may have some guests who will […]