Communicating With a Dog

There are dos and don’ts when interacting with a dog. They can make a big difference in how a dog responds to you, particularly a dog who is stressed or frightened. Whether it’s your dog or meeting a strange dog, it’s important to understand dog/human ways of communication. Never force a dog to come to […]

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U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics 2017-2018

Did you know? It appears most Americans choose to surround themselves with pets. According to the APPA , 68% of U.S. households include pets. In 2017 Americans spent 69.5$ billion on their pets. Close to 70% more than spent in 2007.  The breakdown of pet expenditures for 2017 is presented below: While more American households own […]


Pet Stuff – Tossing Time

Tossing Time for Pet Stuff – it’s that time to check your pet supplies . Just as we humans go through our closets and dressers at regular intervals, we must do the same for our pets . Veterinarians advise that cleaning and repairing or tossing out equipment is an important step in keeping your pet […]


General Exotic Pet Articles

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