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A Dog’s Language

Our dogs use most of their bodies to communicate with us. But they also have a spoken language that helps us understand them. Dogs use their vocal language along with body language to assist us to learn what they are trying to say. The different sounds dogs use have different meanings. Once we know them, […]

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Dogs Who Scoot

Invariably, your darling dog will drag his/her bottom across your favorite/most expensive rug/carpet. And your dog often chooses to do this in front of guests, which is embarrassing for not but certainly not for your dog. It’s not deliberate and a dog will scoot outdoors as well, especially on soft grass. Scooting usually means that […]

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Assessing a Pet’s Temperament

The ASPCA has devised a test called SAFER – Safety Assessment for Evaluating Rehoming. This test is used to predict aggressive behavior in dogs so that if possible, behavior modification may be implemented. The assessment takes place out of the kennel in a quiet room and lasts about 10 minutes. Trained professionals usually perform the […]

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Leash-Biting Dogs

Unless you have tons of money and can afford a variety of leashes that you don’t mind having destroyed, biting them is a habit to put a halt to. Contrary to the belief of some that dogs bite their leashes to show dominance, we believe they’re just having fun and being their playful selves. Another […]

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Shelter Buddies Reading Program

The Shelter Buddies Reading Program launched by the Humane Society of Missouri is designed to help dogs become more adoptable. Most dogs, upon entering a shelter, are confused and stressed. Many become shy and timid or over-excitable. It was discovered that children reading to the dogs helped to calm them and relieve stress. Not only […]

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Will Your Dog Accept Muzzling

Muzzling a dog is an unnatural condition to them. Some dogs will put up quite a battle when the muzzle comes into view. But there are times when a muzzle is a very necessary tool. Dogs in pain, whether your own dog or an unknown injured one you’ve stopped to help, will lash out at […]

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Why Dogs Growl

There are different growls that dogs use to make us understand what they’re feeling and get their point across to us. The lower the pitch, the more dangerous the growl is. Usually dogs growl as a warning, letting us know if we don’t stop and stay away, we may be bitten. Female dogs may growl […]

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Long-Term Effects of Fear in Dogs

Fear, anxiety, these are emotions we’ve all experienced. Our dogs may also feel fear at some time in their lives – fear of objects, places, people, other animals. Most of the time the fear is short-lived and soon forgotten. But some fears, especially those due to traumatic experiences, are triggered each time the dog experiences […]

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Doggie Licks and Kisses

Some of you will say yuck to the very thought of a dog kiss while others believe it’s a wonderful way to show affection to a loved pet. Contrary to a popular myth, dog’s licking our wounds will not make them heal quicker nor is a dog’s mouth cleaner than a human’s. Just think about […]

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Does Your Dog Watch TV

Some breeds of dogs are sighthounds and use their eyes to follow prey. Eyesight in general is not one of a dog’s stronger senses. Dogs have what is known as dichromatic vision. Besides shades of grey and black and white, they see two primary colors – yellow and blue. Old television sets were analog and […]