Does Your Dog Watch TV

Some breeds of dogs are sighthounds and use their eyes to follow prey. Eyesight in general is not one of a dog’s stronger senses.

Dogs have what is known as dichromatic vision. Besides shades of grey and black and white, they see two primary colors – yellow and blue.

Old television sets were analog and appeared just as screen flickers to our dogs. Dogs can record images more quickly than we can.

Today we have high-resolution digital TVs with clearer images, much sharper and produced much faster. They are easier on our eyes and much easier for dogs to see what’s happening on the screen.

Sighthounds may show more of an interest in watching TV, but it depends more on the dog’s personality. Perhaps some dogs are more critical of TV shows than others.

There is an HDTV cable channel, DogTV, designed specifically for dogs, using dichromatic vision.

If you are like me and leave the TV on for the dogs when leaving the house, channels that feature dogs and other animals are probably of more interest to our pals than soap operas.

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