Cat Behavior

Do Cats Show Love

Cats have a reputation of being aloof, independent, antisocial, showing affection only when they want something and other such behaviors. Those of us who live with cats can easily debunk these myths. Cats may not show love the same ways that dogs do, but they have their own special love actions. Ways Your Cat Shows […]

Cat Behavior

Does Your Cat Need a Friend

Our pets have very similar feelings to ours – we don’t like everyone nor do we want everyone as friends. Our cats also don’t always like another cat added to their home. Cats can be perfectly happy being the “one and only.” They are not usually social creatures unless they’ve grown up together. When cats […]

Cat Behavior

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over

Cats are capable of pretty weird behaviors. What is normal to them is very strange to us. If you have a cat and suddenly hear something (usually a favorite and/or expensive item) shatter, you might suspect your 4-legged friend is involved. The “experts” are not really sure why cats knock things over, but they do […]

Cat Behavior

Why Your Cat Sleeps on Your Head

Cats often find the oddest or most inconvenient places to curl up in for a snooze. It may come as no surprise that some cats prefer sleeping on their human’s heads. There are several theories as to why your cat likes to perch on your head for a nap. Here are some of them. Heat […]

Cat Behavior

A Cat’s Tail

A cat’s tail is an extension of the spine. The number of bones called caudal vertebrae, is 19-23, 10% of total number of bones in the cat’s body. A male cat’s tail is about 11 inches long while the female cat’s tail is about 9.9 inches long. The tail contains muscles, ligaments and tendons which […]

Cat Behavior

Cats Urinating Everywhere but the Litter Box

If your cat who did use the litter box starts urinating elsewhere, there could be a couple of reasons for this behavior. Some cats refuse to use a litter box until it’s clean. Other cats don’t like sharing a litter box with another cat. Have there been any changes in routine of the household that […]

Cat Behavior

Kindergarten for Kittens

We always think of training sessions as something associated with puppies and dogs. But kittens and their humans benefit from kindergarten classes too. Timing is very important. After kittens have their first vaccinations, they are ready and willing to learn. This is the time, at 8 – 15 weeks old to enroll your kitten in […]

Cat Behavior

Scruffing for Cats

Today I learned a new word – Scruffing. Although I’m familiar with the action, didn’t know that’s what it’s called. Scruffing is used by mama cats to discipline their youngsters who become unruly. But it’s important to know if and when it’s appropriate to scruff your cat and how to do it without angering your […]

Cat Behavior

Does Coat Color Predict A Cat’s Behavior

Do you believe that the color of your cat’s coat influences its personality and behavior? If so, you’re not alone. Since genetics are involved in producing the cat’s coat, they may also predict certain behaviors. Color pigment follow the same biochemical path as some brain substances such as dopamine which strongly influences behavior. Ancient cat […]

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Fraidy Cats

Most cats easily adjust to their families’ routines and even strangers who come for a visit. They’ve been socialized early to understand human behavior and take it all in stride. But some cats can be fearful and there are a number of reasons – lack of socialization, traumatic experiences, being weaned too early, taught to […]