Does Coat Color Predict A Cat’s Behavior

Do you believe that the color of your cat’s coat influences its personality and behavior? If so, you’re not alone.

Since genetics are involved in producing the cat’s coat, they may also predict certain behaviors.

Color pigment follow the same biochemical path as some brain substances such as dopamine which strongly influences behavior.

Ancient cat colors include stripes, spots, agouti patterns with some mutations producing solid colors. Some studies seem to indicate that different coat colors may predict personality.

Examples: Black cats will tolerate indoor living and crowding more easily than those with tabby patterns. Calico cat owners believe their cats have lots of “attitude.” Red colored cats, an early mutation, as well as cream or tortoiseshell kittens don’t enjoy being held by strangers and will struggle to escape.

In the feral cat community,, the calmer males have more opportunity to mate than the aggressive males, passing on their friendlier genes. This could be why many feral cats share more of one color than any other.

If coat color can predict personality, it can influence your choice of cat, especially when adding one to an existing group in your home.

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