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Getting a Second Opinion

When our pet is diagnosed with an illness or disease, one in which the prognosis is poor, we are willing to do anything that will help. Seeking a second opinion from a specialist or another veterinarian often offers options for a better prognosis. Whether you’ve moved or changed vets for some other reason, you may […]

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Controlling Pet Shedding

When you have a pet, accepting a certain amount of his/her hair around the house is inevitable – on your clothing, furniture, bedding and even some of those hairs that find their way into your food. But there are things you can do to minimize shedding and control loose hair around the house. Regular grooming […]

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Furless Fur Pets

Those odd-looking creatures without fur are really cats and dogs. They have all the usual parts and characteristics of their species but are without hair. How did they get that way? Hairlessness in cats and dogs is actually a genetic defect. At some point in time, breeders took advantage of this defect and created hairless […]

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Pet Crates and Car Safety

The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) has been testing crates and small dog carriers including those of manufacturers who claim that their product is crash-tested. It should be noted that the CPS uses canine dummies for the tests, created by duplicating the weights and sizes of different dogs. In the 2015 crash-worthiness testing by CPS […]

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Tough Love for Puppy or Kitten

Some dogs and cats are cuddlers while others like their space – just like people. But whether your pet likes cuddling or not, it’s important to teach him/her to accept touching. Pets, just like children go through life stages. At about 3 months old, they may exhibit an independent time and may not respond to […]

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Calming Your Dog’s Fear of Loud Noises

Some dogs startle easily and become fearful of any loud noises like thunderstorms, fireworks, the vacuum cleaner. They may exhibit this fear by whining, trembling, hiding, panting or pacing. You can try to condition your dog to ignore loud noises using several methods. Purchase a CD of loud noises that include the crack of thunder, […]

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How Often to Bathe a Dog

With Spring in the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere and summer right on it’s heels, grooming our dogs becomes even more important. Grooming is an all year round task, but as the weather warms, fleas and ticks and other unwanted creatures become much more active and annoying, if not downright dangerous. Of course dogs should be bathed […]

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Bathing a Large Dog

Bathing large or giant dogs can be quite a challenge. But if you prepare materials beforehand, the job becomes easier. If you bathe your dog indoors, the easiest to access is a stall shower. A bathtub works too, but the size of the dog may make getting him/her into the tub difficult. You should ask […]

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When euthanasia goes wrong

My 180 pound Alaskan Malamute was taken to Three Trails Animal Hospital on December 10, 2012, where Dr. Rhodes’ opinion was that Grizz had lymphoma. I left with a prescription for prednisone, and no hope. In the early morning hours of December 21, Grizz could no longer walk, so in a few hours myself, roommate, […]

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Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers

A dog’s whiskers are somewhat different from those of a cat. To begin with their real name is Vibrissae from the Latin work “vibrio” meaning to vibrate. Dog whiskers are two times as thick as their hair and coarser as well, not soft like a cat’s whiskers. They are found on both sides of the […]