Controlling Pet Shedding

When you have a pet, accepting a certain amount of his/her hair around the house is inevitable – on your clothing, furniture, bedding and even some of those hairs that find their way into your food. But there are things you can do to minimize shedding and control loose hair around the house.

Regular grooming will keep those loose hairs from flying all around. If your pet is long-haired, a daily brushing or combing is a good idea. It takes only a few minutes and most pets enjoy the attention. Pets with medium to short hair can be groomed 2-4 times a week. Any time spent grooming your pet can make the bond you share even stronger and can save you extra cleanup work.

Bathing your pet occasionaly will also help rid loose hairs. There are also deshedding tools available that keep buildup of loose hairs to a minimum.

Make sure your vacuum cleaner is in good repair and see that it’s working properly. Keep your broom hair-free even if you have to pick off the hairs after each sweep. Rinse the mop thoroughly. Keep exposed surfaces wiped clean, don’t forget the fans including the ones on the ceiling. Check heating and airconditioning vents and filters.

Do your research and consider a pet that doesn’t shed much. This is especially helpful for people who are sensitive to pet hairs and dander.

Sadly there are people who will get rid of a pet simply because it sheds too much. Please consider putting up with a little extra effort to meet the challenge of pet hair and it will not become overwhelming.

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