Communicating With a Dog

There are dos and don’ts when interacting with a dog. They can make a big difference in how a dog responds to you, particularly a dog who is stressed or frightened. Whether it’s your dog or meeting a strange dog, it’s important to understand dog/human ways of communication. Never force a dog to come to […]

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Can a Virus Heal Horse Wounds

Some horses manage to injure themselves for example by finding the only fence board wire or loose fence board and causing cuts. These types of cuts are difficult to keep clean and take time to heal making the chance of infection a worry. Although the idea goes against what we believe, researchers in Canada and […]

Horse Health

When Should Your Horse Have Senior Feed

That old saying, “you’re only as old as you feel,” can hold true for horses too. Opinions differ about what age a horse is considered a senior, with 20 years old being the average. But age doesn’t always determine how a horse functions. If your older horse has reached the point where s/he is not […]

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Getting a Second Opinion

When our pet is diagnosed with an illness or disease, one in which the prognosis is poor, we are willing to do anything that will help. Seeking a second opinion from a specialist or another veterinarian often offers options for a better prognosis. Whether you’ve moved or changed vets for some other reason, you may […]

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Ectopic Ureters

To explain, the kidneys are located in the lower back and work constantly as a waste filtration system. The end result is urine which is transported to the bladder through 2 tubes called ureters, one for the left kidney and one for the right kidney. Urine is stored in the bladder until it is eliminated […]

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Controlling Pet Shedding

When you have a pet, accepting a certain amount of his/her hair around the house is inevitable – on your clothing, furniture, bedding and even some of those hairs that find their way into your food. But there are things you can do to minimize shedding and control loose hair around the house. Regular grooming […]

British Cats Cat Breeds


Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: England Coat Type: short, soft and glossy Color: black, blue, chocolate, lilac, silver, gold with tipping Temperament: excellent dispositions,very affectionate, gets along well with children other pets January’s Cat of the Month With its beautiful tipped coat, a very affectionate and playful breed that gets along well with children and […]

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Lykoi Cat

The Lykoi Cat was discovered through a gene mutation in domestic shorthair cats and is not hybrid breed. It is said to be the first cat bred for its unusual features. Bred by veterinarian Brittany Gobble and breeder Johnny Gobble, the original breeding pair came from unrelated litters. They were tested at the University of […]