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Some Facts About Sharks

We’re not suggesting that you adopt a pet shark. But you should know what an important role sharks play in the ocean ecosystem which affects the world we live in. Sharks are considered by many experts to be the top ocean predator. Part of their job is to maintain the balance of ocean species. Sharks […]

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Automatic Feeders for Fish

Fish generally need to be fed once a day. They should not be overfed and shouldn’t miss meals either. If you are on vacation and away from your aquarium, one solution is to use an automatic feeder. An automatic feeder should not be used to feed your fish on a regular basis, since it can’t […]

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Jumping Fish

Amazingly, there are fish that can jump out of the water. Some fish can even appear to fly although they are just soaring for a distance through the air. There are several reasons why fish jump out of the water. They may be trying to escape from predators, trying to catch prey themselves, attempting to […]

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Fish of a Different Color

We often choose fish for our home aquariums that are colorful and different looking. We want our aquariums to be an attractive home for the fish as well as add to the decor of our home. But why do fish have such a wide variety of colors and patterns? They sport these colors for more […]

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Vacation Time Care for Fish

Having someone care for your fish while you are away can make for a tricky situation. Fish are cold-blooded creatures and generally most of them have a low rate of metabolism. A few days without food will not harm them. However if your vacation is 2-3 weeks or more, you’ll need someone to feed your […]

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Wintering Cool-Water Fish

Most aquarium cool-water fish benefit from a winter cool down. Without it, they may not breed in the summer and colors will be dull. Fish, like other animals and plants, use their stored fat to rejuvenate their bodies and produce eggs. It’s best to cool down your cool-water fish gradually as sudden changes cannot be […]

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If you are just starting out with fish-keeping, you will need to devote some time and research to choosing an aquarium and getting it set up properly. Contents 1 Choosing an aquarium 2 Accessories 3 Setting up your aquarium 4 Saltwater vs. freshwater aquariums 5 Switching from freshwater to saltwater Choosing an aquarium When choosing […]

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Fish Lice

Fish lice are known as Argulus. They are parasitic crustaceans that enter your fish habitat hitching a ride on new fish or plants. They are usually found just beneath the fish’s scales, behind fins or near eyes and gills. The lice can appear nearly transparent. They feed off the fish by injecting digestive enzymes into […]

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The Fishing Industry

The fishing industry is harmful to the fish, other marine animals, human health and the environment. Fish feel pain and stress. Fishing methods are not regulated and include much pain for the fish. Some fish are even gutted before being killed. Farmed fish are also mistreated; they swim in cramped spaces in unclean water and […]