The Fishing Industry

Fishing Tuna

The fishing industry is harmful to the fish, other marine animals, human health and the environment.

Fish feel pain and stress. Fishing methods are not regulated and include much pain for the fish. Some fish are even gutted before being killed. Farmed fish are also mistreated; they swim in cramped spaces in unclean water and are often killed in inhumane ways.

Fishermen place large nets and hooks into the water and catch whatever comes their way. In addition to the fish meant for eating, other animals are also caught and killed senselessly. Animals such as sharks, sea turtles, birds, seals, whales, dolphins and porpoises are caught and thrown back overboard. These animals bleed to death in the water or preyed upon by birds.

We use our oceans as a place to dump all kinds of toxic waste. Although fish suppliers claim fish has all kinds of health benefits, they may be negated by the poisoned waters in which the fish swim. Bacteria, contaminants and heavy metals are all floating in the water.

The fishing industry kills hundreds of billions of animals each year. This is extremely harmful to the ocean ecosystems. In the past 50 years, 90% of large fish populations have been exterminated. In another 40 years, the oceans will be completely over-fished. Commercial fishing also destroys coral habitats as miles of nets sweep up everything in sight. Fish raised on farms carry diseases and parasites and threaten other fish living nearby.

To avoid hurting fish, you can become a vegetarian, swear off fishing as a leisure activity and hand out fliers and stickers urging others to follow your example.

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