HSUS Reports on Polar Bears

Polar Bear

The Humane Society of the United States report – In 2008 the Polar Bear was listed by the Bush Administration as threatened with extinction under the Endangered Species Act. Two weeks later, Safari Club International and other trophy hunting groups filed a federal lawsuit to reopen American borders to the import of sport-hunted polar bear trophies.

In a ruling October 17, 2011, a federal court rejected the argument and refused to allow U.S. sport hunters to bring their trophies of bears murdered in Canada, back to the U.S.

The Marine Mammal Protection Act also prohibits the killing and import of polar bears and all other marine animals such as seals, whales and dolphins.

Hopefully, this ruling by a federal court will prevent the Safari Club and other like groups from finding loopholes or overturning the decision that will protect polar bears, an endangered species.

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