HSUS Celebrates a Milestone

Humane Society

Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, is proud to announce the signing of the 1,000th Puppy-Friendly Pet Store.

The program was launched by the HSUS in 2008. PetSmart and Petco, the two largest pet retailers, took the lead in shunning the sale of dogs several years ago. Some of the stores have regular adopt-a-pet days, displaying dogs from shelters for adoption.

Mr. Pacelle explains that when a store signs the Puppy-Friendly Pet Store pledge, it promises not to sell puppies. Each store also receives a sign proclaiming “we love puppies; that’s why we don’t sell them.” This sign is displayed prominently in each participating store. Other free materials are given to customers about how to adopt or find a pet from a humane source.

Please join the HSUS in resolving to shop only at pet stores and Internet sites that don’t sell puppies. You can find puppy-friendly pet stores listed at the humanesociety.org/puppystores.

You can help by encouraging your local pet store to join the campaign. For more information, email the HSUS at stop-puppy-mills@humanesociety.

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