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Tuesday, September 6, 2011, the California Senate passed a ban on shark finning. Sharks are being hunted and cruelly killed for their fins which are used in a soup dish. The California ban is the latest in a series of state and federal laws curbing this inhumane and needless slaughter of sharks. The HSUS encourages Californians to call Gov. Jerry Brown at 916 445 2841 and urge him to sign A.B. 376 into law banning the shark fin trade.

The federal government has put a stronger ban on transporting unwanted horses to slaughter in double-decker trailers. Hopefully this rule will be enforced. We feel strongly that horse owners should take more responsibility and not continue breeding practices which lead to unwanted horses and their being killed.

At the request of the HSUS, the Fish and Wildlife Service will initiate a study whether to classify all chimps as endangered thus preventing the use of captive chimps for laboratory experimentation, pet trade and commercials.

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