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Are You Ready For A Parrot

Parrots are highly intelligent, colorful in more ways than one, interesting birds. As pets they can be very loving and attentive. But before you rush out to purchase a parrot, make sure to research your choice thoroughly and learn what their needs are and determine if it is the right pet for you. Small birds […]

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Why Your Bird Should’t Swear

Parrots and other birds that can be taught to talk usually have long lifespans. They sometimes outlive their humans and have to be re-homed. Teaching your bird foul language may seem like fun to listen to at first. But it can turn out to be very embarrassing as you may have some guests who will […]

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Rehoming Your Bird

So you’re thinking of looking for a new home for your bird. There are a number of reasons someone may rehome a bird – the owner passes away or is too ill or injured to care for a pet; a job that includes a lot of travel and time away from home; leaving the country; […]

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Your Bird’s Body Language

Understanding your bird’s body language gives you important clues as to what your bird is trying to communicate. A Cockatiel‘s crest (or other crested birds), when flattened means your bird is angry. When the crest appears relaxed, your bird is happy and content. A half raised crest means your bird is curious and somewhat alert. […]

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Contents 1 Why Birds Preen 2 How Birds Preen 3 Preening Your Bird 4 Video Why Birds Preen Both domestic and wild birds engage in preening several times a day. Preening is a process where birds remove dust, dirt and parasites from their feathers and align each feather in the optimum position relative to adjacent […]

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Pet Birds That Bite

Each pet bird has his/her own personality and may react differently to the same situations. Some birds will bite the person nearest them or even another bird when someone new approaches. Called displacement, your pet is protecting itself from the newcomer. Sometimes birds will nip their mates to encourage them to fly away from the […]

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Should Your Bird Have Shoulder Privileges?

My granddaughter Shira, has been busy the past two years working away from home and will now attend university and live in a dorm. In both situations taking her pet cockatiel with her was and is not an option. So Tweety is living with me until Shira has her own home. While living with Shira, […]

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Introducing Another Bird to the Cage

While it may seem natural for birds of the same species to get along, this is not always the case. But gradual introductions often work well. Here are some ideas to help. Keep the new bird in its own cage where the old bird can hear him, but out of sight. This way the birds […]

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Can Cats and Birds Live Together?

In some instances, cats and birds can live together. Much depends on the cat’s personality and how high the prey drive is. Cats are predators, birds are prey. If you take the time and have patience, you might be able to teach them to tolerate each other. It’s advisable though to take precautions. Try putting […]

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Feather Plucking

All birds preen, grooming their feathers daily. The problem appears when a bird begins to pluck out feathers. It’s easy to detect as you’ll see bald spots or feather shafts on the bird’s body. There are a number of reasons why birds pluck out their feathers. Some wild birds use their feathers to line nests. […]