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European magpie (Pica pica)

The European magpie, also known as Pica pica, belongs to the crow family, and is widespread throughout Europe and Asia. Magpies are easily recognizable by their distinct glossy black plumage, white belly and shoulders, and its long black tail that could reach half of its total body length. Experts believe this bird to be one […]

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Who’s the Smartest Bird

We tend to think of parrots as being the brightest of birds. Scientific studies have shown that parrots can think like a 4 year old child and use logical reasoning. We probably also believe they are intelligent because many of their species learn to talk due to their ability to mimic us. But it might […]

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How Birds Survive Cold Weather

When bad weather approaches, birds, just like we humans, instinctively seek shelter from cold and storms. Birds that nest in cavities in trees can hide out in their tree holes. Small birds can find protection in thick hedges or the downwind side of a tree. They tend to find places closest to the ground where […]

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How Birds Safeguard Their Nests

In an experiment using zebra finches which are native to Australia, scientists at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland discovered some interesting choices made by the birds. Zebra finch males are the ones that build the nests. Choosing 21 birds, the researchers wallpapered the walls of their enclosure with blue, pink or yellow pastel […]

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How Do Birds Sleep

Isn’t it a wonderful world when we can hear those flying dinosaurs, birds, singing their sweet songs every day. No matter what we are facing their cheerful chirps help make things brighter. After spending their days searching for food, caring for their young and entertaining the world with their beautiful singing, they are ready to […]

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What are some illnesses affecting Birds?

There are many bird illnesses that appear to have the same or similar symptoms. Some are even transmittable to humans. If your bird’s behavior changes or is worrisome, it’s time to consult your vet. Alopecia (loss of feathers) – Causes can be poor diet, external parasites, hormone imbalance or self-inflicted due to boredom or nervousnous. […]

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Should You Change a Parrot’s Name

According to research at Cornell Labs of Ornithology at Cornell University, birds have “signature contact calls” meaning that each bird has its own sound or name. Baby parrots listening to their parents, adopt their own names using similar but not the same sounds. Birds that are not raised do not have the opportunity to create […]

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Choosing the Right Size Bird

Once you’ve decided to adopt a bird, size should be considered. While all birds require commitment and care, larger birds have more needs than their smaller cousins. Many large birds in the parrot family have long lifespans which means many years of care. Purchasing small birds is less expensive while large ones can be costly. […]

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Vacation With Your Pet Bird

Summertime is the time when most people take their vacations. The weather is usually cooperative and after a year of dealing with study for the kids, work for you and dealing with harsh weather, it’s time for a break. But what to do with the bird. You can board the bird and that may be […]

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Illegal Parrot Trade

Wild parrots are being captured illegally causing a major population decline. Part of the problem is the encroachment by humans into their habitat. But an increasing number lost is due to the illegal trade of these birds. In Mexico alone, up to 60,000 parrots are dying yearly because of the inhumane treatment at the hands […]