Vacation With Your Pet Bird

Bird Cage Outside

Summertime is the time when most people take their vacations. The weather is usually cooperative and after a year of dealing with study for the kids, work for you and dealing with harsh weather, it’s time for a break.

But what to do with the bird. You can board the bird and that may be a good idea if you’re going someplace where pets are not allowed or it’s just inconvenient for both you and the bird.

After much thought you may decide to vacation with your bird where s/he will be welcome. It will save you worry about someone else taking care of bird and how s/he is getting along without you.

Going on vacation with you offers your bird new experiences and learning to socialize with different people. Of course you have to make preparations to take your bird traveling, so here are some tips.

Prepare a smaller cage or carrier for the bird. It will be easier to carry in and out of the car when make stops.

Affix a perch close to the bottom of the enclosure leaving about an inch of space between the perch and the floor at the bottom. A wooden perch is the most comfortable for your bird. You may want to wrap the perch with a product called Vet Tape to give the bird more traction. You may have to do a bit of construction work to fit the perch securely in the enclosure you choose.

Use small, deep plastic dishes that can be secured to the side of the carrier for food and water.

For safety, place a seat belt around the enclosure making sure the bird can’t reach it to chew on.

Keep the bird confined all the while you are traveling. Be sure to have a covering for the enclosure in case your bird gets too loud and becomes distracting.

Before you go on vacation, practice taking your bird in the car for short periods to see what kind of traveler s/he will be.

Consider harness training your bird before leaving on a trip. You’ll be able to take your bird on outings with you safely.

If you are staying with a friend or relative, ask them beforehand if your bird is welcome. Set up the rules of the house together before leaving for your destination.

Wishing you a relaxing and worry-free vacation.

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