Who’s the Smartest Bird

We tend to think of parrots as being the brightest of birds. Scientific studies have shown that parrots can think like a 4 year old child and use logical reasoning. We probably also believe they are intelligent because many of their species learn to talk due to their ability to mimic us.

But it might surprise you to learn that birds in the Corvidae family are the most intelligent birds in the world.

Crows are members of the Corvidae group and many experts believe they may be smarter than apes. Crows are able to count as well as reason in ways no ape is capable of. Their thought processes have shown to be at least as complex as apes.

An Auckland University (New Zealand) study conducted by scientists found that crows not only can use reason to solve a complex problem, but are able to solve similar problems using their past experiences. Some studies with apes showed they were not able to use their knowledge with other problems.

It may be that crows have reached a level of reasoning similar to that of humans.

Scientists at Cambridge University in England tested the crows reasoning ability. They placed a tube with a small amount of water near their subjects. The scientists observed the crows dropping stones in the water to raise its level so that they could drink.

Studies have also shown that other members of the Corvidae family can plan ahead.

Ravens, part of the Corvidae family, have been found to cooperate when hunting for food. One raven will distract a parent bird while another raven grabs the egg.

Jackdaws, also Corvidae members, have been seen removing caps from milk bottles in order to drink the milk.

There are 126 species of Corvidael and members can be found on all continents except Antartica.

Of course this doesn’t mean our pet parrots aren’t smart. Birds in general have higher intelligence than most of us credit them with.

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