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Bird Perches

In the wild, birds encounter perches with various size, shape, texture, and flexibility, requiring them to constantly adjust their grip. In this way, they exercise all of the muscles in their feet and legs. Bird perches for captive birds should provide the same exercise, to prevent sore, stiff, and even arthritic legs. Bird perches are […]

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Setting Up a Bird Feeder

One way to help wild birds survive the winter is to set out bird feeders. This is especially important right after a bad storm, when birds may not have access to other food. Because of the importance of feeding birds in the winter months, February has been designated as National Bird-Feeding Month in the United […]

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Reviewing Bird Harnesses

Years ago metal rings with attached chains were attached to a bird’s leg. The chain was then secured to a perch to prevent the bird from flying away. This method of restraint often resulted in severe injuries to the bird. Although still available, with good reason, they are not popular. Today there are several companies […]

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Choosing Toys for Your Bird

Watching your bird play with toys is pleasurable for both of you. Your bird is having fun and exercising at the same time. In the wild your bird can make his own choices to entertain himself. But caged birds depend on their owners to fulfill their needs. There are lots of toys to choose from […]