Reviewing Bird Harnesses

Years ago metal rings with attached chains were attached to a bird’s leg. The chain was then secured to a perch to prevent the bird from flying away. This method of restraint often resulted in severe injuries to the bird. Although still available, with good reason, they are not popular.

Today there are several companies that manufacture harnesses for birds. Harnesses provide a safe way to take your bird with you whether on errands or to explore the great outdoors.

The Aviator Bird Harness is a safe, escape-proof harness. Its one piece assembly has no dangerous buckles or clips that could cause injury to your bird. The elastic leash safely absorbs impact, preventing injury if the bird unexpectedly flies to the end of the leash. It will fit birds as small as cockatiels up to the largest pet birds.

The Aviator Flight Line is a tangle proof system that allows a bird to fly in an area as small as 30×30 feet or as large as 50×50 feet. It is made of lightweight elastic cording allowing safe flight and proper flight training. The flight line attaches to the Aviator Bird Harness and can be used for birds as small as cockatiels or as large as Hyacinths.

The Feather Tether Bird Harness comes with its own leash and does have metal clips. It was developed by an avian veterinarian and provides a way to take your bird outdoors with you. The Feather Tether is not recommended for small birds and should be used only with parrots.

Flight Suits come with their own built-in “diapers” called “poop-pouch.” It claims to keep the bird and everything else poop-free. Disposable liners and leashes are sold separately. Flight suits can be used with very small birds to very large birds.

The concensus of opinion appears to be that the Aviator Bird Harness is the safest harness for your bird.

Whatever your choice, your bird needs time to adjust to wearing the harness.

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