Quiet Noisy Parrots

Eclectus Parrot

Parrots have loud voices as anyone acquainted with them can attest to. They usually decide to use them at the most inopportune times – when we are on the telephone, trying to have a conversation with a visitor, etc. Usually there’s a good reason when they are especially noisy.

The first thing to do is have your veterinarian examine your bird to rule out any illness or injury that your bird may be trying to bring to your attention.

Sometimes a change in routine is upsetting to some birds. Try keeping to the routine as much as possible to see if that makes your parrot a happier, quieter bird.

Does your parrot get enough exercise? Perhaps s/he needs more time out of the cage flying around. Of course, always make sure the area your parrot will cover is bird-safe.

Perhaps your parrot needs more interaction with you. S/he may be telling you it’s lonesome and wants your company. Try setting aside times during the day for play. Teach your bird new words or tricks. Introduce a new toy to play with.

Your parrot usually bonds strongly with you and may just want to know you are close by. Talk in a soft voice to let him/her know where you are.

Give your bird a small treat a few times a day. Make your bird work for them using foraging toys. Enough exercise and a full belly and your parrot may be ready for peace and quiet.

If your parrot continues being noisy, place him/her in the cage and cover it with a cloth. Your parrot will think it’s time to sleep and settle down. If s/he is quiet for 10-15 minutes, remove the cover, open the cage and use words of praise to let him/her know how pleased you are.

Never strike your bird, it’s cruel and you could cause serious injury. Yelling back will only encourage him/her to scream louder, except in one instance. You could set aside a time when no one else is around and scream and dance with your bird. If you are consistent and do this the same time every day, your bird may learn to limit screaming to that time.

If all fails, you may have to live with a noisy bird. Or you can ask an animal behaviorist that understands birds if there is anything further you can do to quiet your parrot.

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