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Many dog ​​owners are looking for a pastime that is fun for humans and animals alike, that allows enough exercise and, ideally, strengthens the bond between the dog and its owner. The Association for German Shepherds offers a variety of possibilities for this – for non-club members as well as for members: From the puppy play hour about dog training and varied dog sports to the completion of stately recognized exams for each team something.

Black German Shepherd Dog Breed

A strong team – dog and handler

Dogs – especially the German Shepherds – need regular physical and mental workload to stay healthy and fit. Above all, however, shepherd dogs, which are sufficiently challenged and promoted, are more balanced, obedient and satisfied in their nature. To achieve this, the dog handler is in demand – because only if the necessary confidence exists and the communication between man and dog works flawlessly, the team can face the various disciplines.

Are dogs and handlers a sporty well-rehearsed team, they can prove themselves on local, state and national level and also on international competitions and championships: Here is not only the qualification of the dog – his owner must prove his skills in dog sport !

Socialization through play and fun

The dog, like the human being, has a social nature. As a pack animal, he seeks from birth to contact with his mother dog, his siblings and conspecifics. If the puppy is denied this contact, his social concept “withers” and he runs the risk of becoming a loner. Often, these dogs, out of their insecurity, appear aggressive or extremely anxious about conspecifics.

Regular contact with dogs of the same age, for example in a puppy school or – as we call them – “puppy play lesson”, can counteract this and give the puppy security in dealing with other dogs.

Puppy play lesson means that dogs learn to meet, interact and interact with them in a social way from an early age. Even the most inexperienced dog owners learn in the puppy play hour the appropriate treatment of their puppy and the most important principles of dog training. In order to strengthen the social bond between humans and (their) animals, dog puppet play units regularly take place at the Welpentreff.

After all, dogs that have confidence in themselves, their owners and their environment become faithful / reliable partners for the entire life!

Adventure playground Welpentreff

“All beginning is fun” is the motto of the puppy play hours of the SV local groups or dog grounds. Here are all puppies from the eleventh week of life and, for safety reasons, only with complete vaccination, welcome. The practice area of ​​the local group is prepared weekly for the puppy meeting point to the “adventure playground”: Once a week the young dogs can playfully learn how to deal with their peers, get to know different environmental stimuli and gain valuable experience under healthy supervision for a healthy social development. With the 20th week of life, the puppy enters the jungle age and is allowed to leave the puppy play lesson.

Practical dog training with the “Augsburg model”

The Augsburg model was originally launched by the SV in 1986 to allow dog owners of all breeds to participate in dog training Soma online pharmacy courses. The idea behind this nationwide initiative, however, is still very popular today: to pass on the knowledge and experience of the trainers and members to all dog lovers, even outside the club. A membership in SV is therefore not required for these courses!

Modern dog training

The Augsburg model offers practice-oriented dog training according to modern training methods. The students practice with their dogs the basic commands and obedience such as the leash, in trailing everyday situations. By the way, the dog owner gets useful basic knowledge about the behavior and the body language of their dogs. Common goal of dog training courses: the everyday family dog.


  • Every dog ​​of every breed is allowed to participate
  • Minimum age of the dog: 12 months
  • A valid dog owner liability insurance and a valid vaccination book must be carried
  • Club membership of the dog owner is not required.

Source: Black German Shepherd Breed

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