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A Doggie Litter Box

Potty Grass is actually a doggie litter box, an interesting, useful innovation for dogs. There are several different types available. While potty grasses do not take the place of the daily dog walk, they can be handy solutions when time or weather doesn’t permit outdoor time. Many dogs don’t like to go outdoors in inclement […]

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Are Seat Belts for Dogs Really Safe

After touting seat belts for dogs in several articles, we have learned that they are not living up to their hype. The Center for Pet Safety conducted crash tests using 4 different brands of harnesses and found that none of them passed, a disturbing result. Check with the Center to determine which seat belt is […]

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Noseprinting Your Pet

A dog’s nose print is like our fingerprints – no two are alike, each is individual. Nose prints are an easy, safe way to identify your pet. Mircrochips, while serving a welcome function, are invasive. They can also malfunction and even move position. They should be checked every so often with the proper scanner to […]

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Calming Shirts for Pets

I want to begin this article with a story about my son. As a baby, he cried A LOT, even after seeing to all his needs and cradling him in my arms as I paced back and forth. A cousin of mine who happens to be a nurse suggested swaddling him, an age-old method of […]

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Collars come in various materials, the usual ones being nylon or leather. Some collars are made of hemp canvas which is soft and strong. There are organic cotton collars made for smaller dogs. You can purchase a collar with a safety light attached for nightly walks. A prong or pinch collar has blunt-end prongs that […]

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Dog Kennels and Crates

Kennels and Crates are used to confine a dog. Although it may seem cruel sometimes, training a dog to go to its kennel/crate can be a positive experience offering your dog a place of shelter and comfort. If you go to work or have to away from home for any length of time, they give […]

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Dog Leashes

Leashes come in a variety of materials such as cotton, leather, hemp, rubber and so on. It’s important to use the proper size leash for your breed of dog. A large dog needs a heavier leash for control while a small dog can usually be managed with a thin lightweight leash. A 4 or 6 […]

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Harnesses for Your Dog

When you go for a walk with your dog, who walks who? If your dog wears a collar with leash attached, all that pulling can cause damage to both of you. Even small dogs seem to have the strength of an elephant when dragging you along for the walk. So how about switching to a […]

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Doggie Breath – Causes and Cures

No one wants their pets to have doggie breath. And no one wants to be kissed by a pet that has doggie breath. But take heart, it is preventable and treatable. Bad breath is caused by bacteria buildup in your pet’s mouth. Before treating doggie breath, take your pet to your veterinarian to make sure […]

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Feeding Your Pets Raw Food

There are many proponents on both sides, pro and con, for feeding your dog and cat raw food. Many pet owners are convinced that raw feeding is better for their pets. And recent pet food recalls have encouraged pet owners to feed raw or home-cooked food to their pets as they can control what goes […]