Are Seat Belts for Dogs Really Safe

Dog Seat Belt

After touting seat belts for dogs in several articles, we have learned that they are not living up to their hype.

The Center for Pet Safety conducted crash tests using 4 different brands of harnesses and found that none of them passed, a disturbing result. Check with the Center to determine which seat belt is safest before purchasing one.

Although the harnesses don’t provide accident safety, they do restrain the dog while you are driving, allowing you to concentrate on the road without worrying about what your dog is up to.

Teaching your dog car manners will help keep him/her safe. Practice car safety commands until your dog responds immediately. It could be a life saver.

A crate is the safest place for your dog when riding in the car. But it must be well secured so that in case of accident it isn’t thrown about.

Your dog should not be allowed to jump about in the car. Sticking heads out of windows and riding in back of a pickup truck spell disaster for dogs. No matter how many times nothing has happened in these circumstances, an accident only needs one time.

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