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Pets for Senior Citizens

Living with a pet is always a positive experience. And for senior citizens, having a pet effectively increases good health benefits. Pet owners are generally more active because their pets require it. Dog owners in particular must walk their dogs and both benefit from the exercise. Pets give senior citizens emotional support, especially those who […]

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Assessing a Pet’s Temperament

The ASPCA has devised a test called SAFER – Safety Assessment for Evaluating Rehoming. This test is used to predict aggressive behavior in dogs so that if possible, behavior modification may be implemented. The assessment takes place out of the kennel in a quiet room and lasts about 10 minutes. Trained professionals usually perform the […]

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How do I choose a Dog?

How do I choose a Dog? The first thing you should do is ask yourself some questions? Will the dog’s temperament match my lifestyle? Do I want a purebred or a mixed breed? Do I want a puppy or an older dog? What kind of dog is suitable for children? What size dog do I want? […]

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Animal Shelters

Animal shelters are devoted to placing homeless animals in loving homes. Before adopting a pet, consider choosing one from your local animal shelter. Contents 1 Advantages of adopting a pet from an animal shelter 2 Disadvantages of adopting a pet from a shelter 3 No-kill shelters 4 Donating time and money to shelters 5 Animal […]


Adopting War Dogs and the Canine Who Helped

Cairo is the name of the dog that helped the Navy Seals put an end to Osama Bin Laden. His brave efforts brought home the plight of too many of our canine heroes after their service. Dogs have been used in war since ancient times, usually to transport goods as well as guard the flocks […]


10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog

Sadly, black dogs are often overlooked when people go to a shelter to adopt. Their color has nothing to do with their personalities and they make as good pets as those of other colors. Here are some cute reasons why one should consider adopting a black dog. 10. Black dogs are easy to find in […]


Adopting a Special Needs Pet

Special needs is a term which covers a range of conditions in pets. It can include animals who are physically disabled, born with a birth defect, a chronic medical condition, behavioral issues, a breed that is in disfavor, an older animal, a too large animal, one with the wrong color, blind or deaf – this […]

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Adopting an Aging Pet

When deciding to bring a dog or cat into your home, have you thought about adopting a senior pet? Many people immediately think of choosing a puppy or a kitten. They’re so cute and cuddly and hard to resist. But these little bundles of fur need lots of patience and training and their personalities take […]

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Adopting 2 Cats Together

You’re all set to go to the shelter to adopt a cat – one cat. Arriving at the shelter, a member of the staff shows you around the adoptable cats area and you notice a particular twosome that are caged together. Watching them interact, you realize that they share more than just an enclosure – […]

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October: Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

The author of the following is unknown. But the sentiments expressed will touch your heart. Here in this house… I will never know the loneliness I hear in the barks of the other dogs “out there”. I can sleep soundly, assured that when I wake my world will not have changed. I will never know […]