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Controlling Obesity in Cats and Dogs

Obesity in cats and dogs is becoming a major problem and a cause for concern. Surveys have shown that over 40% of America’s pets are overweight. We tend to show affection by lavishing our loved ones with food not considering the damage that can be done. But overfeeding our pets to the point of obesity […]

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Help Your Pet Stay Warm in Winter

It’s winter in parts of the world and Mother Nature has made this winter one of the worst. We may say that every winter – perhaps we just feel more uncomfortable as we get older. While some dogs and even some cats have heavy, thick coats, they do not have sufficient protection from harsh winds, […]

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Animal Shelters

Animal shelters are devoted to placing homeless animals in loving homes. Before adopting a pet, consider choosing one from your local animal shelter. Contents 1 Advantages of adopting a pet from an animal shelter 2 Disadvantages of adopting a pet from a shelter 3 No-kill shelters 4 Donating time and money to shelters 5 Animal […]

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Why Do Animals Have Tails?

Animals have tails for several reasons, including balance, communication, navigation, and defense. Some animals like monkeys have tails that help them grab onto tree limbs for climbing and sometimes to grab food. Farm animals such as cows, sheep, horses and goats swish their tails to keep flies away. Horses that have their tails cut lose […]

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Emergency First Aid for Your Pet

When you face an emergency situation, remember, don’t panic, stay calm. If you are at home, always keep your First Aid Kit easily accessible. Procedures for an injured pet – Approach the animal cautiously. Speak calmly and softly. If you must restrain the animal, use a leash, a belt, a rope or a piece of […]

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Micro Pigs

There’s a new designer pet called the Micro Pig. It measures just 8 inches from nose to tail and weight 9 oz. at birth, about the size of a teacup. Jane Croft, formerly a veterinary nurse, left her job to breed pigs and came up with these micro sized pigs. When full-grown, the micro pig […]

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FDA – Beware Online Pet Meds

The following is an article from the FDA on the danger of buying pet medications online and how to safely do so. “Discount pet drugsā€”no prescription required” may appeal to pet owners surfing the Web, but FDA experts say it can be risky to buy drugs online from sites that tout this message and others […]

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About Spaying or Neutering

Female cats and dogs can reproduce as early as 6 months old. The heat cycles are up to 4 times a year for cats and twice a year for dogs. Males reach “puberty” from 6-9 months old. Males that have not been neutered can demonstrate behavioral problems such as becoming territorial and aggressive. Female cats […]

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I Am Your Dog

This was sent to me by a dear friend on the group, bonecancerdogs. It has so much meaning for all pet lovers and I wanted to share it with you. I AM YOUR DOG (author unknown) I am your dog, and I have a little something I’d like to whisper in your ear. I know […]

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Great Pet Websites

4 The Love of Animals 23 social networking sites for pet lovers All Dog Blog Animal Intelligence Animal Planet Blind Dog Info – A forum to discuss blind dog issues Carnival of the Cats – Cat bloggers carnival “Contrary to Ordinary” – The Black Pearls of the Dog World Crittery – website regarding exotic and […]