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Center Pet

Welcome to the Center Pet’s Wiki! Center Pet serves for the good of the community. They are a pet pharmacy that is located in Washington, D.C. and have a very helpful website. A new feature is that their clientele can now order online. Center Pharmacy has been around for half a century. Although much of […]

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Only Natural Pet Store Goes Green

The Only Natural Pet Store leads the way to going green in their shops. Some of the ways they are helping the environment are: They are 100% powered by wind energy. Packaging is reduced, reused and recycled as much as possible. ECObulbs are used in their stores for indoor lighting. The hardwood floors are easily […]

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Virtual Pets

The social media trend has extended to websites that offer the option of adopting and caring for a virtual pet. You can do this for fun or even as a way to consider whether you are ready to take on the responsibility of a real-life pet. Some sites offering adoption of virtual pets are geared […]

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Great Pet Websites

4 The Love of Animals 23 social networking sites for pet lovers All Dog Blog Animal Intelligence Animal Planet Blind Dog Info – A forum to discuss blind dog issues Carnival of the Cats – Cat bloggers carnival “Contrary to Ordinary” – The Black Pearls of the Dog World Crittery – website regarding exotic and […]

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Funny Pet Videos

Video Pets do the cutest things and sometimes their humans even manage to catch them on film. If you enjoy watching funny pet videos, here are some websites which collect them: CAFA stands for “Cute And Funny Animals.” The videos are not original to the site but rather taken from and YouTube. CAFA saves […]

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Teaching about Pets: Resources for Teachers

Elementary school aged children are fascinated by pets. Teachers may want to teach about pets as part of a science class or use pets to teach other subjects, such as reading, art or literature. Below are some online resources for teachers: offers teachers and students activities relating to farm animals. Especially helpful to teachers […]

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How to Find a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Traveling with a pet? Here are some online resources to help you find the best accommodations for you and your pet. is a great resource for finding hotels, motels and campgrounds suited to your pet. You can search by a specific city in the U.S., Canada or internationally. You can browse hotel chains and […]

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Social Networks for Pets

As social networks like Facebook and MySpace have changed the way people communicate, the pet world has developed its own social networks. A social network is a web-based service that allows individuals to construct a profile, connect to other users’ profiles and browse their connections and other user profiles within the system. Social networks allow […]