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Center Pet serves for the good of the community. They are a pet pharmacy that is located in Washington, D.C. and have a very helpful website. A new feature is that their clientele can now order online. Center Pharmacy has been around for half a century. Although much of their business comes from the internet they treat each customer like they are old friends. It is truly a place where everybody knows your name. Their experienced staff has a wonderful track record and a very quick turnaround time to give their clientele what they want in a timely fashion. Center Pet’s prices are extremely competitive. They not only deliver medications the same or next day, but they also mail across the country. Center Pet is one of the only compounding pharmacies in the country that makes medicine the way your pet likes it. They have 17 pet friendly flavors that can be combined with your pet’s medicine, and can be made into liquids or soft chews. The flavors range from tuna to salmon, to peanut butter to bacon. If your pet is too finicky to take anything orally Center Pet can make the medicine into a transdermal gel (which is a gel that is rubbed on the pinna of the ear) so that it can be absorbed through the skin into the blood stream and work as well as oral medication does. But it takes an experienced pharmacist to know that not everything works this way and only certain medications can be made in this format. It is of integral importance to know what medications this will work with as well as which don’t. Voted Washingtonians best Pet Pharmacy they strive for only the best.

“We are always trying to give back to the community with programs like our “FUR FOR FRIENDS” Campaign to Help the Wildlife in the Gulf Coast“. Fur and hair in nylon stockings make a great way to absorb the oil and leave the water as clean as it was in the first place. We have done everything from raising money for the disabled to making medicine taste more palatable for your pets and children. Everything we have done has been out of a responsibility to help today’s society. We would sincerely appreciate it if you signed our petition and passed it along to family, friends, etc. The website is:

“A place where you can feel good about working” says CEO Kenny Kramm.

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