Teaching about Pets: Resources for Teachers

Cat Books

Elementary school aged children are fascinated by pets. Teachers may want to teach about pets as part of a science class or use pets to teach other subjects, such as reading, art or literature. Below are some online resources for teachers:

  • Kiddyhouse.com offers teachers and students activities relating to farm animals. Especially helpful to teachers are lesson plans for preschool to Grade 2.
  • Teachnology has a rich page of animal-related lesson plans, activities, worksheets, activities, webquests and more.
  • Lesson Planet lists a wealth of lesson plans and worksheets relating to pets. Search for the word “pets” or type in a specific animal. There are resources for cats, dogs, birds, turtles and more.
  • Scholastic offers lesson plans for different age groups relating to pets. Preschoolers can learn about baby animals, while Grades 3-6 can learn about the work of a veterinarian and the importance of keeping pets safe and healthy.
  • All About Animals is a website devoted to teaching about animals in the classroom. It includes lesson plans, useful links, free resources, recommended reading and stories.

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