Only Natural Pet Store Goes Green

Green Iguana

The Only Natural Pet Store leads the way to going green in their shops.

Some of the ways they are helping the environment are:

They are 100% powered by wind energy.

Packaging is reduced, reused and recycled as much as possible.

ECObulbs are used in their stores for indoor lighting.

The hardwood floors are easily reusable bamboo.

They limit any printed material.

Employees are offered annual bus passes and many of them bicycle to work.

In addition to “greening” themselves, Only Natural has products to help you reduce your pet’s carbon footprint.

Biodegradable dog waste bags

Shampoos and conditioners that are Earth friendly

Food and treats that are organic, free-range, hormone-free and antibiotic free

Pet beds and toys are made from materials that are recycled, recyclable, organic or sustainably produced materials

Need help going green? Visit the Only Natural Pet Store online or other “green” pet shops that carry products to help you lower your pet’s carbon footprint.

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