Micro Pigs

There’s a new designer pet called the Micro Pig. It measures just 8 inches from nose to tail and weight 9 oz. at birth, about the size of a teacup.

Jane Croft, formerly a veterinary nurse, left her job to breed pigs and came up with these micro sized pigs. When full-grown, the micro pig will be about the size of a small to medium dog, 14 inches tall and weighing about 65 lbs.

Pigs are clean animals, easier to housetrain than cats. They are highly intelligent and very loving pets. They also make good pets for people who have allergies as they have hair, not fur and skin similar to ours.

Ms. Croft is very selective about who she’ll sell these pigs to. Potential owners must meet her requirements. They come with a high price tag as well, 650-700 pounds.

A word of caution – pigs can be destructive if left alone too long and it’s important for them to have outdoor time.


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