Hermit crabs

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crabs are an amazing and interesting pet. They are fun to watch, easy to take care of and are inexpensive, even though they need more care than people think they do.


Hermit Crabs should be kept in a tank of at least 5 gallons; they are very social despite their name and should be in groups. A five gallon tank should house at least 4 small crabs, or two medium sized ones.

Setting up their home

Sand or coconut fibers should be used as a substrate and be at least 2 inches deep because hermit crabs like to dig. A food dish and 2 water dishes should be used; one for fresh and one for salt water that can be mixed with a sea-salt mix and freshwater. There should be a hiding place for the crabs like a coconut shell or something safe, and plastic plant or a small log from the pet store should be placed also for them to climb on. A heater underneath should be installed like an under-tank heating pad, and a temperature and humidity checkers should be used also, as crabs need humidity of at least 70%, which can be maintained by spraying with a spray bottle. Make sure all water you use for hermit crabs is dechlorinized with a bottle of dechlorinized stuff from the pet store.


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