Most Popular Dog Breeds: Labrador Retriever Rottweiler German Shepherd Golden Retriever Dachshund Poodle Boxer Bulldog Yorkshire Terrier Beagle Welcome to the Dog page Our Best Friend, the Dog, has been around for thousands of years. When man learned to harness dogs for his use, there began the creation of an unbreakable bond that would grow […]


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Pet lovers are interested in many topics, from the practical to the theoretical. They want to know how to care best for their pets as well as what’s going on around the world in the animal kingdom. Many people have pets that they consider as their companion, loyal bestfriend, and a member of the family. […]



Popular Exotic Pets: Capybara Stick Insect Donkey Hedgehog Goats Pigs Sugar Gliders Wallabies Skunks Ferret An exotic pet is an animal which is not usually kept as a pet. This definition is inexact, since most pet stores call any animal other than cats, dogs, small rodents, small birds or fish as “exotic,” and others might […]

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Types of Reptiles: Corn Snake Python Gecko Bearded Dragon Savannah Monitor Chameleon Greek Tortoise Russian Tortoise Green Tree Frog Fire Belly Toad Welcome to the pet reptile page. Many people enjoy having exotic pets such as reptiles and amphibians. Lizards and snakes can have striking colors and patterns and all are interesting to watch. Ownership […]


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Horse Breeds: Irish Draught Horse Arabian Horse Mustang Spanish Horse Fresian Horse Morgan Horse Percheron Horse Belgian Horse Shetland Pony Paint Horse Welcome to the Horses page! Besides being highly intelligent, horses are loving, loyal pets. Keep in mind they are very large pets that need lots of room. They require proper housing, an area […]



Top Companion Birds: Parakeet Lovebird Eclectus Parrot Cockatiel Finch Canary Chattering Lory African Grey Parrot Mockingbird Homing Pigeon Welcome to the bird page Birds are so much fun to have as pets. And they become as devoted to you as a dog. You can choose a bird that you can teach to talk or a […]



Fish Species: Goldfish Amphiprion Banggai Cardinalfish Dwarf Angelfish Pajama Cardinalfish Humbug Aruanus Catfish Common Clownfish Blackcap Gramma Yellowtail Damselfish Welcome to the Fish page! Having an aquarium at home and sitting and watching fish in their habitat is said to be relaxing and calming. Other benefits of keeping fish are they are quiet, require little […]

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Type of Rodents: Hamsters Mice Gerbils Guinea Pigs Chinchilla Rats Rabbits Exotic Rodents Welcome to the pet rodents page! Please read the following information carefully and do your research before getting any pet. Rodents can be as rewarding and engaging as the larger animals but please don’t make the mistake of thinking they need less […]

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Have you ever wondered why your cat behaves a certain way? In recent decades, scientific research has shed light on many aspects of cat behavior. This information can be used to improve our relationships with our cats as well as to improve their quality of life. Although some behaviors are common to all cats, each […]


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More marine species are being domesticated today than ever before. One reason is the growth of demand for food sources. Another is the demand for new and interesting pets. Aquatic pets can be a great addition to your household. These are not pets to handle and play with, but rather to observe. They can provide […]