Top Companion Birds:
Parakeet Lovebirds
Parakeet Lovebird
Eclectus Parrot Cockatiels
Eclectus Parrot Cockatiel
Finch Canary
Finch Canary
Chattering Lory African Grey Parrot
Chattering Lory African Grey Parrot
Mockingbird Homing Pigeon
Mockingbird Homing Pigeon

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Birds are so much fun to have as pets. And they become as devoted to you as a dog. You can choose a bird that you can teach to talk or a bird that will serenade you with it’s beautiful voice. In some instances, cages and accessories are more costly than the bird itself. But once you have all the necessary equipment, upkeep is relatively inexpensive. When you decide on a particular bird, do your research so you can be prepared to give it the time and care required.

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Nov 15, 2013


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