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Adopting an Aging Pet

When deciding to bring a dog or cat into your home, have you thought about adopting a senior pet? Many people immediately think of choosing a puppy or a kitten. They’re so cute and cuddly and hard to resist. But these little bundles of fur need lots of patience and training and their personalities take […]

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Caring for an Older Dog

There are signs to look for that tell you that your dog is growing older. Your dog’s muzzle begins to gray. They don’t see as well or respond to your call. They are not as active. They may have difficulty negotiating stairs or jumping into the car. Sad reminders our fur pals are aging. But […]

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November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Did you know that November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” Month? We are passionate about giving senior or injured pets a second chance. There’s nothing better than offering a senior pet the love and care that will make the rest of his/her life safe and secure. When adopting a senior, you have the advantage of […]

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How can I help my senior dog?

We can all agree that our pets are too soon taken from us whether by old age, illness or accident. If we are fortunate, we see them attain their normal life span. However the aging process begins earlier than we would like. We see the signs gradually – their movements are slower, their eyesight dims […]

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Lenticular Sclerosis

Lenticular Sclerosis, also known as Nuclear Sclerosis, affects older pets, cats at about 9 years old and dogs at about age 7. It occurs due to the hardening of the lens of the eye as the pet ages. The structure of the lens of the eye changes continuously. New layers are formed over existing ones […]

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Kitty Litter Boxes for Oldsters

As cats age they may suffer from stiff joints and arthritis. These problems can make stepping into the litter box a painful experience. If you notice your older cat having these difficulties, check the litter box. You may have to change it to a box with lower sides to help in making it easier for […]

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Pets For Patriots

Studies have proven time and again how pet ownership brings joy and good health to us. As pet lovers, we all feel that our pets are family members, deserving of a loving home. Pets For Patriots is an organization whose mission is to offer adult pets for adoption to members of the U.S. military. Pets […]

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Caring for a Senior Rabbit

Rabbits may live into their teens and will slow down and be considered elderly at about 5-8 years old. Since pet rabbits are living longer these days, people who adopt rabbits can expect to be caring for an aging pet at some point. Rescue organizations sometimes offer older rabbits for adoption. Senior rabbits may suffer […]

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Caring for an Older Cat

Perhaps we can take a lesson from older cats. They are quieter, love attention and are great companions. They take the time to “smell the roses” and leave their younger counterparts to their antics. When you notice these signs of aging in your cat, it’s probably time for a visit to your vet. Your vet […]

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Diets for Aging Pets

Many people do not know whether or not their pets are considered “senior.” Cats and dogs are generally considered senior somewhere around age 7. For larger dogs, it is more like 5 0r 6 and smaller dogs may not be considered senior until age 8 or 9. At your regular check-ups at the vet, ask […]