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Diets for Pets with Cancer

Cancer diets should be high in protein, contain some fat and low or no carbohydrates. Dogs with cancer don’t usually die of the cancer itself, but more often from complications such as liver or kidney failure. This can be controlled with an appropriate diet. A dog with cancer needs adequate proteins and cell membrane compounds […]


Diets for Pets with Diabetes

Often diet alone is not sufficient and your pet will need regular insulin injections and be under the care of a vet. It’s probably best to feed your pet several small meals over the day to help keep blood sugars level. Ask your vet about including more fiber in the diet. Recipes for Cats with […]


Diets for Pets with Kidney (Renal) Disease

Kidney disease is the number one cause of death in old cats and dogs. It is often undetected until it has progressed. Kidney transplants and dialysis are not available for pets, so the primary treatment is dietary. Studies show that animals live 30% longer and have fewer symptoms when treated with a diet. Choose foods […]

Diets Senior Pets

Diets for Aging Pets

Many people do not know whether or not their pets are considered “senior.” Cats and dogs are generally considered senior somewhere around age 7. For larger dogs, it is more like 5 0r 6 and smaller dogs may not be considered senior until age 8 or 9. At your regular check-ups at the vet, ask […]


Diets for Pets with Heart Disease

There are different types of heart disease. Once the disease has advanced, a low salt diet is a good idea. Prior to that it may be counter-productive. Consult your vet regarding what is best for your pet. If your dog is taking certain medication, he may need a potassium supplement. With some heart conditions, magnesium […]


Diets for Pets with Liver Disease

Dogs with liver disease need a diet which provides sufficient nutrition as well as limiting further damage, supporting liver cell regeneration and preventing other complications. A diet for a dog with liver disease must contain a normal amount of high-quality protein. Vets recommend mixing animal based and plant proteins. Generally, it is best to avoid […]


Diets for Pets with Arthritis

Eliminating nightshade vegetables (peppers, eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes) from the diet is recommended. Glucosamine/Chondroitin is an excellent supplement that protects joints, aids in the pain of inflammation and can repair cartilage. Antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E and manganese can also be added. Check with your vet for dosage amounts. Recipes for Dogs with […]