Diets for Pets with Liver Disease

Dogs with liver disease need a diet which provides sufficient nutrition as well as limiting further damage, supporting liver cell regeneration and preventing other complications. A diet for a dog with liver disease must contain a normal amount of high-quality protein. Vets recommend mixing animal based and plant proteins. Generally, it is best to avoid giving your dog supplements of potassium, sodium and copper. Along with a high quality diet, the supplements milk thistle, licorice root and red clover can be added.

Cats with liver disease require a high-quality protein diet in moderate amount, with most of the cat’s caloric intake coming from non-protein sources. A diet based around eggs, cottage cheese, rice and liver is recommended. Your vet may also prescribe multivitamins as well as digestive enzymes and an S-adenyl-methionine supplement. It is recommended to feed your cat small, easily digestible meals.

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