Lenticular Sclerosis

Sick Dog

Lenticular Sclerosis, also known as Nuclear Sclerosis, affects older pets, cats at about 9 years old and dogs at about age 7. It occurs due to the hardening of the lens of the eye as the pet ages.

The structure of the lens of the eye changes continuously. New layers are formed over existing ones and since the lens doesn’t increase in size, the layers press together. The older layers of the lens are called the nucleus and the surrounding newer layers are known as the cortex. The nucleus hardens with age and appears as a filmy bluish-gray.

Since the changes are sometimes due to cataracts, it’s advisable to contact your veterinarian who is the only person who can make the diagnosis.

Lenticular Sclerosis is not a painful condition and does not seem to affect eyesight until the pet is quite old. Since it is part of the aging process, there is no way to prevent it. There is also no treatment.

In order to help your pet through the aging process, it’s best to keep his/her environment familiar. Try to make as few changes as possible, keeping feeding dishes, furniture, etc. in the same places. As other problems arise with aging, this will help keep your pet comfortable.

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